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 Check-in 12 noon | Check-out 9 am [21 hours stay in the boat]

 Request to Extend few hours for late check-outs will not be entertained, despite the reason that guests boarded the boat late, due to delay from their side

 APAI Plan:  Accommodation with all applicable taxes ,  Lunch, Tea/Coffee, Dinner, Breakfast.

 Single or Double occupancy in each room.

 Fixed menu: traditional KERALA style cooking – vegetarian / non vegetarian

 Responsibility to look –after children is vested on parents.

 Guests must check all belongings before disembarkation. Further claims will not be entertained

 Air-condition in the room  will switch -on only during night sleep hours: 9 pm to 6 am. In the event of sudden malfunctioning of air-condition due to unexpected technical snag, stay will continue in same boat on non A/C terms and difference in amount will be reimbursed.

 Kitchen will not be provided to guests for their self-cooking usage. Requirement to cook additional food other than our prescribed menu will invite extra cost as well as service charges which the guests has to settle directly with our boat crew before disembarkation.

 Requirement for serving Soft drinks and mild beverages will invite additional cost as per tariff, direct payment by guests.

 In the event of unruly behavior and mannerisms from guests, same will not be tolerated and matter will be reported to authorities concerned immediately.

 Any damage caused to our property due to carelessness of the guests, their children or wards must be compensated by guests themselves before their disembarkation.

 As safety precaution, guests must strictly adhere to instruction of our crew  while check-in, check-out, cruising, anchoring and docking of boat.

 Cruising Hours as follows: - [cruise only on day period subject to weather conditions]
12 noon till sun-set (around 5:30 pm) with one hour stop for serving lunch
 Morning cruise from 7:30am to 8:30. Thereafter, check-out

 Any  direct or indirect expenses whatsoever that may incur other than mentioned, must be settled by guests directly before disembarkation