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With utmost humility, we step into our  13th  year presence in the backwaters of Kerala.

We continue our contribution towards promotion of backwater tourism by investing in  houseboats, motor boats, speed boats &  Shikkaras

Besides backwaters , our latest value added services are the  introduction of our own fleet of brand new tourist vehicles serviced by multilingual disciplined drivers .

Associating with NATIONWIDE network of   travel agents,  tour operators and holiday planners, we offer pleasant opportunities  and   common platform     to reap rich dividends through  bilateral deals &   trade connections .

WHISPERING WAVES are  torch bearers  for the promotion of " RESPONSIBLE TOURISM" ( RT )  . Through responsible tourism or sustainable tourism, we create "better places for people to live !!! and better places for people to visit" !!!

While helping to generate future employment for local people, RESPONSIBLE TOURISM ( RT)   is attempting to make as low an impact on the environment and local culture as possible. The aim of  RT  is to ensure that development brings a positive experience for local people, tourism companies and for the tourists themselves.  RT  is an adopted practice in successful Eco-  tourism.

 Sustainable development of the industry  , to carve niche markets,  to create   WIN-WIN business situations, to share & protect mutual  trade  interests , mutual faith , maintain strict adherence of safety norms &  government rules,   transparency in all dealings      are the strong milestones  we  hold   to thrive in this industry.

Precisely, the very existence of our brand  and services for all these years stands itself as a testimony towards the un - interrupted help and support  we had had  from all of you.

While  taking this opportunity  to express our heart -felt gratitude to all our well wishers, we re-assure and reiterate to continue with the same  quality deliverance.

We  look forward with  very special interest to serve you and we thank you for the privilege.

Dependably Yours

Rajasekhar .K.  Nair  ( R . K.  Nair ) CEO

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